Embedded software solutions

We will build embedded software for your systems.

We work with C, C++ and ASM programming languages.

We use ARM Cortex, STM, MSP430, SAM, AVR microcontrollers.

We have experience with CAN, LIN, SPI, I2C, UART, RS232, RS485 communications.

What is embedded software?

Today most electrical systems can perform very complex tasks. However, this can be done only by using specialized parts. These parts are called ‘microcontrollers’ and are designed to control different elements of the system.

Consider the autopilot in your car, for example. It too has a microcontroller which constantly measures the speed of your car and accordingly adjusts the fuel supply to the engine so as to maintain a steady speed. But how does the microcontroller know what to do?

In fact, a microcontroller is nothing more than a small, specialized computer. Just like your computer needs an operating system for you to be able to use it, a microcontroller requires embedded software in order for it to work.

The development of embedded software varies from product to product and requires deep knowledge in electronics and software development. Our team has experience in both and can help you develop your product.


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