Embedded software solutions

We will make embedded software for your systems.

C, C++ and ASM programming languages.

ARM Cortex, STM, MSP430, SAM, AVR microcontrollers.

CAN, LIN bus communications experience.


What is Embedded software?

Most electrical systems today are smart and can perform very complex tasks. This can only be implemented using specialized parts – microcontrollers. They are controlling various parts of the system.

For example, an autopilot in your car has a microcontroller. It is constantly measuring your speed and changing the fuel supply to the engine to keep the speed constant. How does it now what to do?

Actually, microcontrollers are nothing else but small, specialized computers.  These computers need embedded software in order to work.

Development of embedded software is very different for every product. It requires in-depth knowledge in electronics and software development.

Our team has experience in both electronics and specialized software development, thus we can help you develop your product.

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