Our services

We help our customers to go through all the Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) of their products. With multidisciplinary team of experts we will guide you through all of the product development phases.

Technical consultations

After listening to client's challenges, our team of specialists will offer several technical ways to solve them. We advice our customers which technology will suit their needs best. .

Preparation of technical specifications

After the discussion we prepare technical specifications. They will be needed to specify all the required information for the engineering team to start working on the project.

Design of functional prototypes

We design functional prototypes or Minimum Viable Products (MVP) in a quick manner. We take all the necessary multidisciplinary engineering actions to prepare prototype that suits customers needs best.

Prepare for production

We guide your functional prototypes through all the steps needed to get it produced in a factory. We prepare all the necessary technical documentation for manufacturing plant to be able to reproduce your product in sizable quantities.

Building the prototype

With help of our partners we can get the prototypes built in a quick fashion, with a competitive price. We also organize a small scale production for our clients.